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Paradise Family Farm 

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Our Farm

Raising Cattle responsibly 

Paradise Family Farm started in 2020 and is a family endeavor intended to bring 3 generations together to serve a common purpose. Five family members bring valuable skills together to breed high quality Highland calves. The farm aims to provide quality natural food to the community while raising the herd with the highest agricultural standards of grass fed and grass finished beef.


We are working hard to get the pastures in tip top shape.  We are moving the cattle through the pastures to give the grasses time to recover after being grazed and also to help improve the soil by adding organic material back into it.  We are adding in new seed to help establish different seasonal grasses so we will increase our days grazing.  When we can't graze we feed hay.   A neighbor helped us hay our fields right after purchasing the farm.  We now have hay equipment to be able to bale most of our own hay.  We are grateful to our new neighbors and new friends here in Boomer as we work to make this farm the best it can be.

Nate, the youngest of us runs the farm daily.  He will most likely be who you see out in the fields moving cows, making hay, building fences and handling all that happens day to day on a busy farm.  Call the farm and he will make an appointment to show you around and learn what we are doing.

Call today to schedule a visit to our farm to see what we are working on and to shop at the farm store.


Our Story

Creating A Farm Paradise For Family, Friends, and Community

Jeff and I have owned and worked a small family farm for many years now. Raising livestock, growing crops, and selling our products is familiar work to us. The farming life is hard work but extremely rewarding -- we love it.


The idea for Paradise Family Farm came about when we had family visiting from California. We took them with us when we went shopping for a Highland cow for the farm.  As we drove and talked, our family commented on how much they enjoyed staying at our farm. Then the conversation turned to the idea of expanding our small family farm into a place for large family gatherings. We all agreed to pitch in together to buy another farm that would meet our requirements to create our family farm “paradise.”


We purchased a 65-acre farm in Boomer, North Carolina. It came complete with a historic 1930’s barn, a pond, and room for more Highland cattle. Now we have plenty of space for our family gatherings. In addition, we offer public events, venue offerings, and a farm store.


It was decided that our son, Nate, who grew up on our farm and wanted to get back into the farming life when he returned from college, would run the day-to-day farming. The rest of us would contribute to the business of farming, using our varied skills in labor, marketing, finance, purchasing, and animal health.

​Numerous generations have come together to build and share our farm with the community for entertainment, education, and the BEST beef you can buy (in our ever so humble opinion).




For more information about our events, venue offerings, and our beef fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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